We are open on the September 5 Holiday!
Christmas Event Bookings NOW OPEN!
Three Hills, Alberta
(403) 412 - 9166

Christmas at Kirks Alpaca Farm

$30 per person

Guess what you will be able to do at our Santa/Alpaca Christmas event?
That’s right, you will be able to walk a fluffy baby alpaca! 🥰

The cost is $30 per person

Please include parents as well as your children when booking your spots.

Dates Available for Booking

Dates Available: Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 18, Nov 19, Nov 20, Nov 23, Nov 30, Dec 2, Dec 4, Dec 9 and Dec 11

* Limited Spots Available per time slot


Every ticket sale includes:
Admission to our farm
Feed for the alpacas and chickens
Visit the alpacas in the pasture
Access to the playground (weather permitting)
Hot chocolate
1 Digital High Resolution Santa (Photos will be taken inside)
Each child that comes will go home with a treat bag and 2 crafts to make at home.

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Please include everyone who will be coming! Adults and Children 🙂

Select Booking

Please include everyone who will be coming! Adults and Children 🙂

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Days Available

Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 18, Nov 19, Nov 20, Nov 23, Nov 30

Dec 2, Dec 4, Dec 9, Dec 11

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Christmas Photos at the Farm $30

Important information about the booking

***Pictures will be taken indoors. Please come dressed appropriately.***

***Hot Chocolate, Playground and Alpacas are outdoors. Please come dressed appropriately.***

***Pictures will be emailed within a week to the email address provided ***

Lots of people last year wanted their pictures in advance so they could make Christmas cards for family and friends. Please keep timing in mind when picking your date.

Please try your best to arrive close to your time-slot. We understand that things happen. This will be a busy day, and we are hoping to make it run smoothly so that everyone can have fun!